Aquatic activities

Discover water.

These activities are organised for kids as well as adults, beginners and confirmed swimmers...


Aquatic school

  • For your BABY whom you will accompany and learn to guide, a bath of new sensations and aquatic balance, smoothly and without fear
  • For your CHILD, a discovery of the subaquatic world, mixing games and imagination, to master the 4 swimming styles
  • For you ADULT, a method and progressive gain of confidence, to benefit from this new aquatic dimension


Discover the subaquatic world

I will swim like a dolphin

Intensive swimming lessons during summer

  • Development of your capacity to move in the waterInitiation to swimming with diving flippers, mask and snorkel
  • First scuba diving
  • Improvement of swimming styles and learning to face natural conditions such as sudden stream, tiredness, how to react?
  • Learning of the 4 swimming styles in a playful way


Babies:  up from 4 months, aquatic psychomotricity

Young children: learning of the 4 swimming styles


  • improvement of the 4 swimming styles
  • introductory course to scuba diving



Moving is refreshing one's ideas


Everyone has his/her own rythm, spring, move, stretch, relax. In only a few sessions, a good stamina is ensured. Guaranteed wellness and playful time...

  • New! Aquatonic, Monday 18h45
  • Learning of the 4 swminning styles
  • Aquagym: Monday 19h15 (and 20h30 upon request and depending on demand) and Thursday 9h30 (10h30 upon request and depending on demand)

Where, When, How?

  • Babies and children: private swimming pool in Overijse (near 4 bras)
  • Small groups of 4 children, 4 adults or 5 babies
  • Weekly courses during school year
  • Intensive cycle 5x a week during holidays
  • Aquagym: groups of maximum 10 persons organised during the whole year
    Swimming pool in Overijse, 5 Sint-Hubertusdreef (see map below)
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