Summer camp for children in July and August: registration open 


Swimming courses and Aquagym... back in September.

Check calendar here and register NOW.  

Aquatonic !


We invite you to a new aquatonic course…

Helping you work on strengthening the muscles and toning the body!

Endurance and well-being guaranteed after a few lessons only!


Private Swimming pool Overijse (close to 4 bras)

Next session in September



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Aquatic school - Aquagym

Discover and tame water for pleasure. These activities are suitable for kids as well as adults, taking the swimmer through introductory, initiation, intermediate and advanced standards of all swim strokes

Nature-based activities

From Earth to Sky... enjoy a great party to celebrate a birthday in harmony with nature or experience 5 days summer camps to observe, feel and discover surrounding nature

Swim with the wild dolphins

I will swim like a dolphin... One week with the wild dolphins, exceptional encounter.

Osteopathy for dogs and horses

Osteopathic treatment for horses and dogs..


Enjoy a very special gift that will sooth and comfort you. Smooth, soft and essential oils are the key words of this massage...

  • Aquagym on Monday 18h45 and on Thursday 9h30, check dates in the calendar
  • Swimming courses for chidren on Monday between 16h and 18h30, Tuesday and Thursday between 16h00 and 18h00.
  • Give your preferred time slot and day using the registration form.


Dates available in the calendar

Register online.